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Valli O‘Reilly - Makeup Designer

Episode 43: We speak with Makeup Designer Valli O’Reilly, Valli has an incredibly impressive filmography, she won an oscar for her work on Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events and then a BAFTA for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland…Valli shares the story of her beginnings as a makeup artists and how she found herself with a makeup brush in her hand, she shares some of her favourite projects that she has worked on throughout her career and all the wonderful people she has worked with and met along the way…


Barry Lee Moe - Hair Designer

Episode 42 : We speak with Hair Designer Barry Lee Moe, Barry has done hair styling on everything from Opera to Broadway to Live music touring and is now focused on his work in the television industry, Barry is a rising star in the world of TV hair, you can see his work on fantastic shows like POSE, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Hollywood…you won’t want to miss his words of wisdom in this episode.



Carol Rasheed - Makeup Designer

Episode 41: We speak with Makeup Designer Carol Rasheed, Carol chats about coming up in the industry in Orlando Florida and Atlanta Georgia, We discuss the importance of professional ethics in the workplace and why she started her own Makeup training academy.


Sarah Rubano - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 40: We speak with Makeup & Hair Designer Sarah Rubano, Sarah shares her journey of becoming a Makeup Artist and how she went from LA to New Zealand, Sarah has some super insightful advice that she lets us in on, so be sure to sit back, relax and be inspired by the infectious passion Sarah has for her work..


Chris Clark - Hair Designer

Episode 39 : We speak with Hair Designer Chris Clark, Chris tells us about his start in the wonderful world of theatre, how he moved from being on stage to backstage and then ended up in the TV and film world, we chat about the mentors Chris had on his career journey and how he, is now mentoring others…


Michele Burke - Makeup Designer

Episode 38: We speak with Makeup Designer Michele Burke, Michele has designed some of the most iconic characters in film, from Quest for Fire to Bram Stokers Dracula to multiple characters for Tom Cruise including Lestat from Interview with the vampire. Michele chats about how she came up in the business in Canada, how her career has taken her to wonderful locations around the world and the incredible challenges and pressures our line of work can create.


Carla Farmer - Hair Designer

Episode 37: We speak with Hair Designer Carla Farmer, Carla designed hair for Dolemite is My Name, Black Monday and the James Brown bio pic Get on UP! Carla chats about her start in the industry, the mentors who helped guide her and we chat about what the benefits are of co-department heading a job…


Mark Coulier - MakeupFX Designer

Episode 36: We speak with Prosthetic Makeup Designer Mark Coulier, Mark is the winner of 2 Oscars and Baftas, Marks resume is a long list of incredible projects, we will touch on a few in this episode but I am sure it will leave you wanting to know more. We chat about his start in the industry, collaborating with so many amazing artists over the years and what projects he has coming up..


Pinocchio - Bonus Oscar’s Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Mark Coulier, Dalia Colli & Francesco Pegoretti about their Makeup & Hair work on the film Pinocchio.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty.



Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom - Bonus Oscar’s Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Sergio Lopez-Rivera & Jamika Wilson about their Makeup & Hair work on the film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Unfortunately Hair Designer Mia Neal could not be with us for this interview.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty


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